Tested Hardware

IDN (ILDA Digital Network)
  • Dexlogic StageMate
  • IDN Toolbox from University Bonn (a software for emulating IDN hardware & onscreen display)
Pangolin Beyond
  • FB4
  • QM2000
Pangolin QM2000 via LD2000
  • QM2000
JM Laser
  • EasyLase USB V1
  • Netlase V1
  • 3in1
  • old Riya USB
Helios DAC
  • Helios DAC
  • EtherDream

currently not tested, because I don't have the hardware

Laserdock / LaserCube
  • please close LaserOS when using ILD Render, because it's not possible to access the DAC hardware with 2 applications at the same time
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  • Last modified: 2020/08/14 14:16