1. Install Blender and/or Inkscape before running the installer
  2. run Blender and Inkscape once so the installer can find Blender & Inkscape
  3. run the installer
    • you will need your license file to install ILD Render
    • the installer will setup windows firewall settings for ILD Render to work
  4. select the options to install (Blender & Inkscape plugins, examples)

  • if you're running a custom firewall make sure to enable network traffic for ILD Render / Blender / Inkscape, because the communication between the programs works through network protocols
  • if the installer doesn't find Blender or inkscape and you installed them run them once and run the installer again

Updating ILD Render

Just run the new installer, it will find your previous installation & update the files

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  • Last modified: 2021/06/24 22:44