• ILD Render takes in account the color alpha values, so it's possible to create line fading with Freestyle Line Style - Alpha modifiers:
    • Distance from Object
    • Distance from Camera
    • Along Stroke
  • how to change ILD Render options for specific Objects/Layers see Custom Optimizations


Grease Pencil
  • with Grease Pencil it's possible to have 2D art in the 3D environment, this is especially handy when adding some details to animations without much hassle
  • it's also possible to make traditional 2D animation with Grease Pencil
  • have a look at the Grease Pencil Manual

  • to export Grease Pencil strokes to ILD Render enable it in Render Properties - ILD Render Export:

  • Render hidden Grease Pencil strokes:
  • normally the plugin checks while exporting if a GP point is visible (hidden behind a 3D object), to disable this check this option:
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