• run Inkscape
  • optionally set the page size to 800x800px, see also Resolution / Page Size
  • ideally set the display units to px (otherwise it can be that in Inkscape 1.1 rectangles and circles are scaled wrong)
  • draw something :-)
    • path / rectangle / clone primitives are supported
    • linear gradients are supported
    • the color for laser can be taken either from the stroke or fill color, see Export Options

  • execute the ILD Render plugin, found here: (ILD Render must be running in the background)
  • see the result in ILD Render & on the laser
  • adjust the settings in ILD Render if necessary

Export Options

Don't use fills. Renders all outlines independent from fills.
(same result as ILD Render versions before 0.8.0)

stroke color is None

this options describes what do do when there is no stroke color set (color is None)

  • use fill color ⇒ uses the fill color for the outline
  • use custom color ⇒ uses the custom None color
  • don't export ⇒ does what it says, don't export the stroke
custom None color

use this color when stroke color is None is set to use custom color

stroke color is Black

options for replacing black colored strokes:

  • export as black ⇒ export as black, don't replace
  • use fill color ⇒ use the fill color as replacement
  • use custom color ⇒ use custom None color as replacement
replace Black fill

option to replace black colored fills with custom color for Black

custom color for Black

use this color as replacement for black fills

  • only paths and rectangles are exported
    • if elements disappear after exporting to ILD Render make sure to convert these with “Object to Path” in Inkscape
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