• export it to ILD Render:
    • Blender: just Render your single frame (F12 key) or animation (Strg-F12 key)
    • Inkscape: use the Inkscape plugin, see Inkscape Usage
  • see immediately the received graphics in ILD Render preview
  • Enable laser output and watch it on your laser projector(s)
  • adjust you optimization settings for your need, see Optimization settings
  • in the layer settings it's possible to assign layers to different laser projectors, see Layers

  • if optimization settings are changed and the same animation is received from Blender / Inkscape again, all settings are preserved
  • however after closing ILD Render the default settings are loaded
  • it's also possible to save layer optimization settings as preset and reload them later, see Presets
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  • Last modified: 2021/06/24 22:44