• run Inkscape
  • optionally set the page size to 800x800px, see also Resolution / Page Size
  • draw something :-)
  • execute the ILD Render plugin, found here: (ILD Render must be running in the background)
  • the plugin window:
    • the Flatness option describes how much bezier curves get splitted into lines, quasi the roughness of the resulting laser graphics. Lower values = more points / details
    • FPS: not used at the moment (it's planned to support animations in the future)
    • Hostname: the Hostname/IP of the computer with ILD Render running (it is possible to run Inkscape on another computer than ILD Render)
  • see the result in ILD Render & on the laser
  • adjust the settings in ILD Render if necessary

  • if the outline color of paths is black, it is not visible in the laser graphics!
  • only paths and rectangles are exported
    • if elements disappear after exporting to ILD Render make sure to convert these with “Object to Path” in Inkscape
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  • inkscapeplugin/usage
  • Last modified: 2021/01/06 14:04