AVB / Dante 1) requires an AVB or Dante 2) souncard with ASIO 3) drivers.

Setup for Laseranimation Sollinger USB2AVB and RME Digiface AVB

Start RME AVB Controller

Select Configure from Digiface menu:

  1. Output streams = Number of projectors
  2. set the output format for all used projectors to 5 Channels
  3. connect your projectors using LA Toolbox

ILD Render setup

  1. make sure the AVB driver is enabled
    if the AVB driver was not enabled, click Reload DAC drivers to reload all drivers
  2. use the configuration button to open AVB settings

  1. selects the ASIO 4) driver
  2. opens the control panel for the driver
  3. samplerate of AVB output, this depends on the AVB samplerate
  4. Stream Format (currently always X Y R G B, this results in 5 channels per stream)
  5. with stream count you can limit the number of streams used, default is to use all available audio channels (the number in brackets is the available stream count)
  6. send frame markers in the stream

AIFF export

It's possible to export images/animations directly to AIFF files for use with Sollinger devices (AVB2ILDA, Accurate, etc.)

The AVB/Dante driver has to be enabled and a device must be found.

Just use the Save to Device button and select Export to AVB / Dante.

In the following dialog it's possible to change some options for exporting:

  1. frame rate (FPS) for exporting (default is the FPS setting from the project)
  2. scan speed for the corresponding projector (default is the scan speed of the projector)
  3. directory where to save the files (defaults to the same folder as the ild files)

1) , 2)
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