• Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 Software Version 2014-05-15 or higher

Additional notes:

  • ILD Render always outputs True Color Pictures
  • To enable output to the Lasergraph DSP first enable the Lasergraph DSP driver in ILD Render and restart ILD render:
  • for realtime preview:
    • copy ILDRender.LZip and ILDRender.FILM to the DSP
      • path on PC:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\ILD Render\LGDsp\
      • path on DSP:
      • UNLzip ILDRender.LZip on the DSP
      • there are 2 options on the DSP:
        • load & start the ILDRender.FILM
        • OR
        • ILDRender can automatically load the provided ILDRender.BOOT
          :IMPORTANT: this overwrites the DSP memory
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  • Last modified: 2021/04/12 14:34