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Here you find the online manual and updates for ILD Render.

Please read ILD Render Installation before you install ILD Render!

Informations about First Steps in Blender.

Note about Inkscape 1.1
In Inkscape 1.1 there is a bug that positions circles and rectangles incorrectly during export to ILD Render.
They can also disappear completely when they are outside the viewport.
A workaround for this is to convert these objects to paths.
To do this select the objects ⇒ Menu PathObject to Path

It is recommended to update to inkscape 1.2

Wiki content is updated for ILD Render 0.7.2

New version 0.7.2 available!

  • keep optimization settings when changing the projector
  • Blender Plugin 2.1 Installer
    • support for Blender 3.2 and up
  • Inkscape Plugin 2.1
    • can directly read optimization settings from ILD Render (for single layer or all layers at once)
    • support for Inkscape 1.2.x
    • small bugfixes
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