ILD Render

Turn your Blender animations and Inkscape drawings into laser graphics !


What does ILD Render do?

ILD Render is a tool for creating laser graphics (ILDA files) from Blender and Inkscape.
It consists of the actual ILD Render application and plugins for Blender and Inkscape
It is designed for a fast and straightforward workflow, just press render in Blender or export in Inkscape and you instantly see the graphics in ILD Render and your laser projector.
Also when you change optimization settings in ILD Render you will see the changes immediately on the projector.
ILD Render inherits the layers from Blender/Inkscape and can optimize every layer differently.
It's possible to assign layers to different projectors in case your scene is too complex for one projector.


- Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 64 Bit

- Blender 2.80 & up (recommended 3.6)


- Inkscape 0.92 & up (recommended 1.2)


realtime data transfer from Blender/Inkscape to ILD Render
unique layer system
every layer has its own optimization settings
see optimization changes instantly on projectors
split image to multiple projectors via layer system
every layer can be assigned to a different projector
save & load layer settings as presets
zoom & pan inside preview window
true color system with color gradients
save every projector output to separate ILDA file
Projector output options
up to 9 projectors simultaneously
color matching
geometric correction (size/offset/rotation)
FFD correction
innovative Projective Mapping to overlay different projectors on planar surfaces
included test patterns to setup projectors
Supported DACs / Hardware
ILDA Digital Network (IDN)
Pangolin Beyond (FB4 / FB3 / QM2000)
JM Laser EasyLase/NetLase
Helios DAC
Laserdock/LaserCube via USB
Sollinger Lasergraph DSP
(requires Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 Software Version 2014-05-15 or higher)
AVB / Dante
(Dante is a registered trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd)
Laserworld ShowNET
Blender Plugin
export Freestyle linesets
export Grease Pencil strokes
supports gradients
supports animations
Inkscape Plugin
export paths
supports gradients (Inkscape 1.0 linear gradients, 1.2 linear & radial gradients)
supports animations (Inkscape 1.2, use Pages as Frames)